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Division V Connectivity

A response to the Government’s agenda to grow Grammar Schools – September 2016.

At The Oak Academy Trust, we believe in growth, we believe in development and we believe in creativity in order to design a better future for all the children that we work with and education as a whole. We believe that you need to look forward in order to grow and become who you can be. This requires understanding of your context, your past and your history. This requires reflection and the knowledge that if an idea, a philosophy, a movement did not work in the past and in fact may well have set us back, then there is a very good reason for not going returning.

The Grammar School programme is divisive. It lacks creativity and it is born out of lack of understanding of the current climate in our schools, born out of a mis-guided nostalgia that is not located in a true reality of the present. Connection breeds collaboration and growth; Separation breeds isolation and therefore barriers to growth.

The Grammar School programme is built upon ceilings, limits and pre-ordained pathways which are immensely difficult to re-write or re-design. Once a label has been assigned it is almost impossible to re-label. Do we want our children to be part of an education system which stops them from realising their potential, due to their academic performance at the age of 11 years old? At a time when children should be viewing the world as a wonderful place of limitless possibilities, rather than pre-prescribed futures already written by people who have no idea who they are and understanding of what they could be.

The Oak Academy Trust believes in the limitless possibilities of children and we believe that all children deserve a chance; in fact, all children deserve many chances. Life is a rich tapestry, it should not be a set-menu.

From connectivity comes growth; from connectivity comes maturity; from connectivity comes wonderful futures. Let’s connect; let’s not divide.

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