Welcome to The Oak Academy Trust

Meet our Leadership Team

James Everett
James is the CEO of The Oak Academy Trust and the Headteacher of Barnham Primary School.

He is a passionate and proactive leader, who is relentlessly optimistic and driven in securing positive change for all that he works with. James’ background is in Inclusion and SEND and he has taught all age groups from Years R to 6. He continues to teach in Year R one day a week.

James believes in mature, honest, open relationships built upon trust.

Martin Draper
Martin is the Deputy Headteacher of Barnham Primary School and a member of the leadership team for The Oak Academy Trust. He is a tremendously experienced and credible leader, who is able to provide wise words of support and challenge in equal measure. Martin has taught and been part of leadership teams in both small and large schools in West Sussex. He continues to teach in Years 5 and 6 for two days a week.
Martin believes that all schools should ensure that they stay true to their moral purpose in order that they achieve the best outcomes for their families, staff and children.

Nicky Schofield
Nicky is the Director of Business and Finance for The Oak Academy Trust and Business Manager for Barnham Primary School. She is a dynamic and warm leader who is able to provide clarity and strategic skill to complex situations. Nicky has an extensive knowledge of working with a variety of stakeholders, local businesses and commercial partners.

Nicky believes that through the development of strong partnerships and networks based upon growth and sharing of experience and knowledge, success for all can be achieved.

Katie Scott
Katie is the Inclusion Coordinator for Barnham Primary School and a member of the leadership team for The Oak Academy Trust. She is a champion and voice for those who cannot find theirs, and is able to lead where it can be dark and difficult. Katie has vital experience of working with a variety of agency partners and has excellent links with many different stakeholders. She has taught from Early Years right through to Key Stage 3 and 4, and currently teaches in Year 3 and 4 for one morning a week.
Katie believes in each of us and knows that for success to be achieved we must understand and care for one another.

Richard Wallace
Richard is the Chair of Trustees for The Oak Academy Trust and one of the five Members who oversee the Trust. He is a knowledgeable and accomplished business leader who is able to ask the right questions at the right times in order to ensure growth. Richard has a background in banking and continues to work as a consultant specialising in negotiation training for international clients.
Richard believes that The Oak Academy Trust should be a trust which is of exceptional quality and professionalism.

Phil Wiltshire
Phil is a Trustee for The Oak Academy Trust and one of the five Members who oversee the Trust. He is a pragmatic and committed member of the business community, who owns and runs a very successful Surveying Firm which works throughout West Sussex. Phil has particular skills in project and people management and premises and building solutions.
Phil believes in developing teams that have a strong work ethic and who are focused on the growth of all.

Pat Dingemans
Pat is one of the five Members of The Oak Academy Trust. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge relating to school governance and has a detailed understanding of pressures and opportunities facing schools in the current climate. Pat is a retired Chair of Governors and learning mentor for the National College Chairs’ Leadership Programme. As part of her leadership role she has helped guide schools through the Academy conversion process.
Pat believes that all schools have a duty to ensure a secure legacy for their children and local communities.

Alison Fitzsimons
Alison is one of the five Members of The Oak Academy Trust. She brings with her over 25 years of experience as a Nurse which has culminated in her achieving Head of Professions and Nursing at the Portsmouth NHS Trust. Alison’s specialist skills are in the areas of performance management, governance and risk management.
Alison believes in developing the individual both professionally and personally in order to enable positive change for the communities which we serve.

Our Staff
Our staff team are at the centre of everything that we do at The Oak Academy Trust. They bring with them many years of experience, as well as dynamic energy and enthusiasm to grow, develop and improve their craft. The staff team believe in each other and know that without strong bonds built upon a clear and collective understanding, nothing real and long lasting can be achieved. And they cannot wait to work and learn from you.

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