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Light and Shade

A response to the Government’s U-turn regarding ‘forced’ Acadamisation – May 2016

In the recent weeks, education has been embroiled in debate, deliberation and discussion, as schools come to terms with the future before them and the steps that need to be taken. Throughout this time the drive for certainty within an uncertain present has seemed at times, an unattainable goal, complicated further due the recent U-turn by the government regarding forced acadmisation of ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ schools.

Due to the recent over simplification of the Academy programme by many stakeholders and the vilification of academies as a whole both in the sphere of the media and through professional circles and networks; our experience during this time has been an interesting one, for it seems that there has been a desire to reduce the complex into the simple:

maintained schools = good

academies = bad

sponsors and multi-academy trusts = destructive and negative

local authorities = constructive and positive

School leaders have been asked to take sides, to nail their colours to the mast, to take a stance both professionally and publicly and to form urgent possibly ill in-formed decisions which will impact upon the long term future of our schools and education system. In a time where careful consideration backed by focused research and a developed collective understanding should be at the forefront of each of our minds, we seem to be part of debate which is intent in ensuring division – deconstructing what should rightly be the difficult and challenging down to the simple and binary. It is clear that there is a tension and yet should there be? Surely all school leaders seek the same goal?

We believe at The Oak Academy Trust in an enabling environment, an environment which encourages possibility and which grabs hold of opportunities to develop and grow our staff team, our children, as well as our outlook and horizons. For us, being an academy is helping us deliver on this vision. So the question to ask is not ‘Academy or Maintained’ but rather are you moving forward or are you standing still? And if you are stuck, then a change of vehicle and therefore a change of horizon may be worth considering.

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