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Our moral obligation is to help our children become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Planting Seeds

A Response to the Education Policy Paper – Education Excellence Everywhere March 2016

Education has entered once more a phase of irreversible change and things will never be the same again. A Darwinian model of the survival of the fittest has been introduced and encouraged which will lead to the development of a landscape where the strong will grow and the weak will perish. A capitalist ideology applied to an industry where hearts and minds are the currency.

Is this right? Fair? Just? Whether it is or whether it isn’t, is immaterial for this is our reality, and our role is to make sense of what this means and act. Pausing is no longer an option. Waiting to see what happens or watching those around us to see what they will do is not a decision. Passivity will not do.

The Oak Academy Trust was born because of group of people recognised that it was time to design a future that had yet to be realised. Families, children and staff came together in order to begin a journey which is ours. A journey where we decide upon our next steps. A journey which has at the centre our children, our community our future.

The future is something that cannot be set, planned, delivered on, for there are too many variables and uncertainties. However, the manner with which you approach the future can be set, planned, delivered on. We wish to be the masters of our destiny and we do not shy away from what that might mean. Success will be ours. Failure will be ours. But, whatever unfolds and however that looks; it will be ours and it will be true.

So the question becomes – what will you do? How will you adapt? How will you approach an uncertain future for your community, your school, your children? For us, that means acting, designing and securing. Building on what we have achieved, building a future.

There is no clear solution, there is no clear route, and there is no map. It is time to create our own. So let’s get creative.

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